Our specialty courses are diving courses for many different topics of diving. Specialize and develop your knowledge and skills in your favorite area of diving!

Wreck Diving

Learn the skills to explore shipwrecks safely and without harm. There may be no treasure waiting down there, but great adventures!

Boat diving

Some dive sites are only accessible by boat. Learn the knowledge and rules to start your dive from the boat and discover whole new places.

Emergency assistance

Learn to act correctly in emergency situations to help people in need. Here you will get to know practical situations.

Ice diver

If you’re looking for a new challenge, ice diving could be just the thing for you! There are many things to consider when ice diving.

advanced navigation

With the advanced navigation you learn to orient yourself under water in perfection. Take your skills to a new level!

Deep Diver

You want to dive up to 40 meters deep? You will learn everything you need in the Deep Diver Speciality course.

Full face mask diver

Full face masks can bring some advantages when diving. This course will teach you how to configure and use them.

snorkel guide

You love diving and love to take responsibility? The Snorkel Guide is a great introduction to becoming an IDDA professional!

Sidemount diver

Diving with the sidemount configuration: a top trend that provides mobility, practicality and variety!

self reliant diver

This course will give you confidence in being alone on a dive and being able to safely complete it alone. No matter why you are alone.

Search & Recovery

You want to go treasure hunting? In this course you will learn the handling and the “best practices” regarding the additional equipment.

Search & Rescue

Learn to act correctly in emergency situations and to rescue divers! You will be professionally trained to rescue people in distress.

DPV / Scooter Diving

Scooters are the absolute top trend in diving! Learn here how to best configure and use your equipment.

UW Photo & Video

Capture your diving adventures on camera! Here you will learn how to immortalize your diving experiences as picture & video material.

Nitrox Diver

The Nitrox Diver is a must-have course. Here you will learn about different gas mixtures and their advantages & disadvantages.

Night Diver

At night, the underwater world is completely different than during the day! Learn here everything you need to know and be able to dive at night.

Mermaid diving

Swim like a mermaid! Who hasn’t wanted to do that yet? Feel like a real mermaid in this course and travel the underwater world!

Indoor Diver

Indoor diving in man-made pools and with artificial lighting is a great way to get started, but it also comes with some unique features!

Group Guide

Another step towards becoming an IDDA Pro! Learn to take responsibility for the dive of a group above and below water.


Learn to handle gases and gas mixtures to prepare your own gas mixtures for your next dive.

Fish identification

Get to know the animal world better and the identification and distinctions of different fish species.

AED Provider

Learn here the skills to react properly in emergency situations to help people in need. This is necessary to become an IDDA Pro.

Equipment maintenance

Diving equipment needs special care and should be maintained regularly. Learn everything here to perform maintenance and repairs.

Dry Suit Diver

Learn the art of dry diving so you don’t have to freeze anymore and can go diving wherever you want all year round.

Dive with children

Learn how to deal with children during the introduction to diving. After this course you can get kids used to diving!

Apnoe Freediving

Diving without equipment and technical assistance? With apnea freediving you discover the underwater world on your own. Take a deep breath!

Altitude Diving

Learn the ins and outs of mountain diving and the differences, from traditional diving, below sea level.

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