We have made it our mission to make diving possible for everyone!

Inclusion in diving is unfortunately not yet everyone else’s mission. We are committed to it!

Inclusive diving

Inclusion means belonging, the opposite of exclusion. If every person – with or without a disability – can be part of everything, at school, at work, in the neighborhood, in leisure time, then that is successful inclusion.

Everyone – Everything

Inclusion should be a high priority not only in everyday situations, but also in hobbies and sports. This is how we implement it. We make everything possible so that everyone can dive! For individual questions and interests, please contact us.


Many of our sufferers have made the experience that one hour of diving is usually better than three hours of physiotherapy, which is why regular diving training is elementary for many sufferers. The weightlessness in the water can have a very positive effect on restricted body parts and achieve good results.


We may not be able to go jogging together, but we can definitely go diving in zero gravity! We make everything possible so that we can go diving with anyone who is interested. No matter what the individual needs are, we are committed to making diving happen. Under water every joint and extremity can be moved gliding and weightless.

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