Our IDDA member App is live!

Here you have all your courses, books, e-learnings and certifications digitally bundled! You’ll also be kept up to date on everything that’s happening in the world of diving in our news feed. Say “goodbye” to the old bureaucracy and paperwork and “hello” to the convenient and digital world of diving.

The IDDA app is your handy member area on the go.

Practical features!

Improve your daily diving life with our app

easy to use

Everything is as intuitive and straightforward as possible so the app simplifies your life, not complicates it!

everything at a glance

E-learning (courses & books), certifications and news always at a glance! Never again have to carry paper or plastic cards.

Modern structures

We set a high value on modern structures and hereby say goodbye to a large part of bureaucracy. We want to improve your everyday life as a diver!

Privacy policy

Your data is safe with us. You can always stay logged in, but never have to worry about your data!

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