Search & Rescue

Welcome to the IDDA’s Search & Rescue course!

You will learn how to act quickly and effectively in emergency situations. By participating in our Search & Rescue course you will be able to search and rescue missing divers. We provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to act quickly and safely in emergency situations. You will gain extensive knowledge in diving medicine, diving equipment management and of course search, rescue & recovery of divers.

After successful completion of the course you will be able to lead operations professionally, recognize and master dangerous situations and pass on your knowledge to other divers. You will receive a certificate that identifies you as a qualified Search & Rescue diver.

This course prepares you very well for the Rescue Diver course.

We look forward to accompanying you on your diving adventure.

  • Difficulty level: advanced

Required certifications: OWD/ JOWD

Minimum age: 15

Recognition: international by RSTC

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