Allows to dive to 40 meters with a gas mix between 21% and 40% O2

Nitrox Diver

Welcome to the IDDA Nitrox Diver Course!

Do you want to dive longer and safer while enjoying the benefits of Nitrox? Then the Nitrox Diver course is the right next step for you.

Nitrox, also known as Enriched Air, is an oxygen-nitrogen mixture with a higher oxygen content than in normal air. Because of the higher oxygen content, Nitrox reduces the risk of decompression illness and allows you to make longer dives with the same level of safety.

In this course you will learn how Nitrox is produced and filled, as well as how to choose the right mix for your dive and calculate the appropriate dive depth. You will also learn how to safely use nitrox equipment and how to handle emergencies with nitrox equipment.

The course includes both theory and practical sessions where you will deepen your knowledge and skills in the use of Nitrox. At the end of the course you will receive the internationally recognized Nitrox Diver certification, which entitles you to dive with Nitrox and allows you to make longer and safer dives.

We look forward to accompanying you on your diving adventure.

  • Difficulty level: advanced

Required certifications: OWD/JOWD

Minimum age: 15

Recognition: international by RSTC

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