Tec Diving courses

Our Tec diving courses are specific courses for different areas of Tec diving. All Tec diving courses train you in different areas of application and with different Tec equipment.

Intro to tec

You are already a diver and now want to go deeper and expand your knowledge in the field of Tec? Enter the world of Tec here.

Trimix Diving

Learn to mix and handle other special and professional gas mixtures. Trimix is widely used in Tec diving.

Technical Wreck

You want to travel and discover deeper and more exciting wrecks? At Tec Wreck you’ll learn everything you need to do so.

CCR Submatix

Diving with rebreather! This has some advantages over the “normal” diving (with open system). Here with Submatix Rebreather.

Solo Diver

You want to go diving without a buddy? This requires some knowledge and skills. Learn to go diving alone here!

CCR Poseidon

Diving with rebreather! This has some advantages over the “normal” diving (with an open system). Here with Poseidon Rebreather.

Mine diving

Cave Diving is not enough for you? Here you learn the special mine diving and can safely explore flooded mine shafts!

adv. Deep / adv. Nitrox

Even deeper than deep? Here you will learn how to dive deeper than usual. There are a few things to keep in mind!

Extended Range

Want to do longer dives? The Extended Range course teaches you how to extend your dives and what to consider.

Cave Diving

Cave diving is a fascination! However, there is also a lot to consider during a dive in caves. Learn everything you need for cave diving.

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