We are IDDA

What do we do?

We are an internationally recognized diving association which offers RSTC certified diving licenses and teaching materials. However, we are much more than just the “license center of diving”.

We cooperate with dive centers and instructors in all business aspects and offer support in all areas that the sport of diving and the entire management behind it entails. We help with equipment, building a presence (online as well as offline) and all other problems that may arise in the course.

Close contact and honest cooperation is very important to us, so that we can respond individually to all needs. Feel free to contact us, so we can see if IDDA fits into your base or course design! 

Unsere Mission

No important people are described here, because you are the most important to us. Everyone has his strengths and to use them correctly is our strength. Our motivated team, which is always supplemented, takes care that we provide a good service as a partner of diving and support you in the best possible way.

We are fully aware of our responsibility and therefore we do more and take care of our customers, instructors and centers on a high level.

We love diving and dealing with people and you will quickly see that in every IDDA member.

We hope you find yourself in these words and of course we welcome you.

Our presence

In order to better reflect the IDDA’s special sense of community and inclusion work and to communicate this more clearly to the outside world, we will merge the two logos of the IDDA’s subdivisions and in the future will appear only with the uniform, blue IDDA logo.

Are you interested in diving? Discover a whole new world under the water surface and dive into adventurous experiences.

Outstanding pricing policy

Through our attractive pricing policy, we ensure partnerships from which all sides benefit

RSTC Member

We are a member of the RSTC, which means that our certification and teaching materials are recognized worldwide.

No contractual commitment

We refrain from any contractual commitment in order to promote flexibility and honesty

Digital structures

Goodbye bureaucracy! All our certification and teaching materials are also available digitally in many different languages.

Support in every area

We can not only provide teaching materials and brevets, but also help out in all other entrepreneurial activities

inclusive diving

We enable everyone to dive, even affected! Inclusion is very important to us

Service is a popular word to advertise one’s own cause, only to really put it into practice requires a great willingness to invest money and above all time.

We at IDDA are of the opinion that a diving organization must do more than just provide an advertising presence and training material.

Therefore, with full conviction, we set a high standard for ourselves and offer a significantly expanded service:

-We are available 365 days a year
-Free business consulting
-Commission goods for our partners
-Huge rental pool of diving equipment
-Favorable trade fair presentation for partners on our booths
-Lot goods at unbelievable low prices
-Further training according to BGU first aid and lifeguard

and some more relevant points but very important for us is a good, positive and honest community.

The list are not empty words, but the standard to ourselves and consequently healthy IDDA partners at our side.

Every diver can therefore visit an IDDA college and be sure that he will be well looked after there.

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