Equipment Maintenance

Welcome to the Equipment Maintenance Course of the IDDA!

Our diving equipment needs special care, maintenance and if necessary repairs.

In this course you will learn how to properly maintain and repair your dive equipment. You will understand how the different parts of your equipment work and how to best care for them to extend their life. The course covers the maintenance and repair of regulators, dive computers, wetsuits and weight vests, as well as tanks and accessories.

You’ll learn how to inspect equipment to identify and fix potential problems before they can lead to an emergency. This includes cleaning and caring for equipment after each dive, as well as maintenance before and after extended dive trips or extended periods of non-use.

You will also learn how to perform simple repairs yourself, such as replacing seals or O-rings, as well as when it is better to have the equipment checked by a qualified technician.

We look forward to joining you on your diving adventure.

  • Difficulty level: easy

Required certifications: OWD/JOWD

Minimum age: 12

Recognition: international by RSTC

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