Scuba Trainer

Welcome to the Scuba Trainer Course of the IDDA!

As a Scuba Trainer you are responsible for the training of prospective divers. In this course you will learn how to organize and conduct dives, as well as how to teach divers safely and effectively. You’ll also learn the knowledge and skills necessary to recognize and respond to emergencies before they become major problems.

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to teach diving courses and organize dives. You will also be able to run your own dive store and work as an IDDA Pro.

In this course you will learn how to deliver learning content, how to give feedback and how to create a safe environment for students. You will also learn how to create a lesson plan and how to adapt learning methods to the needs of the students. You will also learn how to conduct exams and how to comply with IDDA training standards. This is the continuation of the Divemaster and Assistant Trainer. All the content learned there is required and carried forward here.

This course is a great way to improve your skills in teaching and conducting dive business while helping others learn to dive.

We look forward to joining you on your diving adventure.

  • Difficulty level: professional

Required certifications: AOWD + Divemaster + Assistant Trainer

Minimum age: 18

Recognition: international by RSTC

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