Junior Advanced Open Water Diver (JAOWD)

Welcome to the IDDA Junior Advanced Open Water Diver course!

You already have your JOWD and now you want to deepen your skills and knowledge? Then the JAOWD is the right course for you!

In this course, as with the AOWD, you will be taken to the next level of diver education and learn advanced techniques and skills that will allow you to make deeper dives. You will learn how to dive in different conditions and how to improve your navigation and orientation in the water.

On the practical side, you will perform five adventure dives under the guidance of an experienced instructor. This way you can put your newly acquired skills into practice.

At the end of the course you will receive the world recognized Junior Advanced Open Water Diver certification, which entitles you to safely dive to a depth of 30 meters.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s explore the depths of the underwater world together!

  • Difficulty level: advanced

Required certifications: OWD/ JOWD

Minimum age: 12

Minimum number of dives in the course: 5

Recognition: international by RSTC

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